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The Inertia

Yeah, you never know what you’re going to see on the river. A couple of rafters that were running a section of the Colorado near the Colorado/Utah border were in the right place at the right time to help a pilot who crashed his aircraft into the river. Max Meneley and his friend apparently saw the plane having trouble, then came around the bend and saw the plane down in the water. They rescued the 59-year-old pilot and paddled him to a nearby boat ramp.

It was being reported that the crash was on a section between Fruita, Colorado and Westwater, Utah. There are two beautiful sections of river there, the Ruby-Horsethief section and then the Westwater section. It’s believed the pilot crashed on the Ruby-Horsethief section and the rafters transported him to the Westwater Boat ramp.

“The pilot of the plane that crashed in the Colorado River near the Utah-Colorado border was transported via helicopter to the hospital,” wrote the Mesa County Sherrif’s Office in a Facebook post. “The 59-year-old solo pilot is conscious and breathing. Rafters saw the plane and helped get the pilot to the nearest boat ramp (Westwater, Utah) where emergency crews were waiting. Deputies took a boat upriver and helped secure the Kitfox aircraft at the crash site.”