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Shaun White is currently in Australia promoting his upcoming Air + Style event in Sydney in August and sat down with the country’s version of Men’s Health magazine. In this fast-paced interview he touches on some nuggets: riding pow with his dad, how he didn’t really work out (surprise, surprise, he’s a snowboarder) and of course, making a run at the skate team for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokoyo.

“You’d have to drag me to the mountain right now,” he said. “Skateboarding seems so appealing. I would have quit snowboarding years ago if it wasn’t for skateboarding. What better than a two-year window to take a backseat to snowboarding to go skate and then be completely remotivated to keep snowboarding.” That two-year window? We’re thinking he means the next two years to qualify for the Summer Games. Skateboarding events will feature Street and Park disciplines. Given that White was a Vert Ramp specialist, the Park setup seems to best match his strengths. We shall see. Here’s a little throwback White posted on Instagram:


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