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The Inertia

Doug Peacock served two tours with the Army Special Forces in Vietnam.
Like many veterans of that war, he didn’t come back well. He was “out of sorts,” as he put it. So he disappeared into Wyoming to try and find himself but instead, found himself surrounded by grizzlies that he told National Geographic, “saved his life,” with a sort of “enforced humility.”

Peacock has since worked to repay his debt to the bears that he first encountered in Wyoming’s Wind River wilderness and then Yellowstone, by advocating for their protection. The talented filmmaker, Ben Moon, whose visual epic dedicated to his dog, Denali, captured the hearts of millions, details Peacock’s story in typically-gorgeous fashion. As an interesting aside, Peacock, according to Nat Geo, is the actual person Edward Abbey based his George Hayduke character off of in the environmental classic, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Enjoy the short flick.


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