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The Inertia

Warren Miller was a driving force in the ski and snowboard industry through his films that captured the glamour of ski life in the mid- to late-20th century. For many years, the films of Warren Miller Entertainment simply were skiing, bringing tales of snowy adventures to the worldwide public. But there was a lot more behind the scenes than just powder and good times. Warren had a troubled childhood that set him on a vagabond path across the country, living in a trailer in ski resort parking lots, and filming the antics of himself and friends to share with the world. His wife passing away from cancer and family disputes added to his troubled existence that hasn’t really been publicized until now.

Available on demand through most major platforms, Ski Bum: the Warren Miller Story includes interviews with friends, family, and prominent ski industry figures, as well as Miller himself which were recorded shortly before his death in 2018. They portray a darker side to the legendary life that was Warren Miller, a man who always brought us skiing’s sunny side. If you’re a lover of riding snow, it’s a worthy watch.


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