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Making the Freeride World Tour takes serious work and dedication. The qualification process is extremely rigorous. So only the best of the best make the Tour each season. Similarly to the WSL’s CT, athletes must amass points to qualify. But the aspiring qualifying athletes are usually riding just as serious terrain as the athletes on the Tour. Case in point, a few weeks ago, Virgile Didier was skiing during a three-star FWQ event in Nendaz, Switzerland when he was caught in what looked to be a serious slide.

“During Nendaz Freeride 3* FWQ an avalanche occurred after the passage of 20 athletes who landed in the same area 😱 ,” wrote Nendaz officials on the Nendaz Freeride Instagram page. “It reminds us that this could happen everywhere even if the face is secured 🙏”

As you can see in the video above, the slide carried Didier a significant distance down the mountain after he landed a backflip into the running debris. And even with a number of athletes punching the landing ahead of him, the slope still gave away. Thankfully, no one, including Dider, was injured.


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