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As far as mainstream America goes, Mikaela Shiffrin has won two Olympic gold medals in the obscure sport of slalom skiing – that’s where you ski downhill really fast, making tight turns on icy slopes and bang plastic poles with your fists. Never mind the world cup championships and all the other accolades the 24-year-old has managed to accrue at such a young age. But she’s won gold medals!

Well, at some point really soon, or maybe it’s already happened, America is going to know exactly who Mikaela Shiffrin is. And it might not be for her skiing. It may be for her political views or her beauty, both inner and outer. Or maybe it will be for her voice. Listen to Shirffrin’s pipes as she covers Halsey’s “Without Me” (she also covered Billy Joel a couple of weeks ago on the piano). “If you notice two voices on this vid that’s cause I added another layer,” Shiffrin told her fans. That technical turn added a little spice to the comment section of Shiffrin’s Instagram page. Still, solid vocal skills from one of America’s greatest stick chasers.



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