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Mickey Wilson definitely doesn’t mind heights. Last winter, the professional slackliner smoothly helped save a skier stuck upside down and unconscious on a Colorado chairlift. Then, this week, he got married 300 feet above the ground in a Utah canyon famous for slacklining and BASE jumping.


Wilson married his girlfriend, Purple McMullen-Laird, on a “space net” in a place called the “Fruitbowl” near Canyonlands. Along with the officiant, the couple walked out onto the net, said their vows, then dropped through the net in a quasi-bungee jump/rope swing, penduluming between the canyon walls. The Fruitbowl is home to the now infamous, GGBY, or Gobble, Gobble, Bitches, Yeah–a Thanksgiving event where BASE jumpers and highliners gather in the Utah Canyon.

The couple will apparently take their all-expenses-paid honeymoon thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, who offered to pay for the trip to Hawaii’s Big Island after Wilson’s appearance on her show to discuss the chairlift rescue at Arapahoe Basin ski resort an hour west of Denver.

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