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The Inertia

Jamie Anderson is one of the most gifted snowboarders on the planet. But everything could have come crashing down early for Jamie. At just 17, at the U.S. Open of Snowboarding in 2009, she fell on a routine practice run through the slopestyle course and slammed her knee into her abdomen area, rupturing her spleen.

Jamie reportedly lost three pints of blood and “two-thirds of her spleen was damaged beyond repair.” Ahead of the gold medals and the Olympic glory, Jamie’s career was nearly derailed before it began. Since the injury bug bit her early, she’s used meditation and yoga to protect herself from the beatings one takes during a snowboarding season. And obviously it’s worked. Jamie has captured two consecutive Olympic slopestyle championships and a grip of X Games medals, becoming the most decorated female snowboarder ever. She talks with UAG about her mindfulness practice and how staying in the moment has essentially made her career.

Editor’s Note: This piece was made possible by our friends at UAG.


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