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The Inertia

Remember that snowboarder who dropped 130 feet from the helicopter? That’s Mike Basich. You can catch the full video here. Well, before there was GoPro, Basich was racking up three separate cover shots for Snowboarder magazine and shooting POV shots on good old fashioned cameras. He’s always done snowboarding his way. And that’s why he’s a legend.

Well now, after years of pushing the snow sports industry beyond its comfort zone, Mike needs your help. On November 4, a faulty laundry unit caught fire in the warehouse where he builds his tiny homes and other various projects, torching the 25-plus years worth of gear, tools, trophies and memorabilia. Like thousands of other Californians, his fire insurance was dropped last year and no other agency would take him on, leaving him without coverage when disaster struck. He’s going to rebuild, but he won’t be able to do so without help. Every little bit counts, and you can help him on a GoFundMe page set up for him.

If you haven’t heard much about Basich recently, that’s because over the past few years he’s moved away from the limelight to live off the grid in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. In the process, he’s built multiple tiny homes (using the warehouse to do most of that work), including a mobile one that can be towed on a trailer for chasing powder and a stationary one he calls Area 241 that’s a secluded winter paradise complete with his own ski lift.

Listen to our interview with Mike, below, and donate to his GoFundMe campaign here.


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