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Teaser season is in full affect and it’s clear that the strong start to winter across the Western United States has already helped to produce some of the best footage in years from the deep snowpacks of the coastal mountains to the streets of cities and towns that haven’t seen significant amounts of snow in nearly half a decade.

Here is the offering of teasers for 2016, so far. It’s still early and other prominent film producers have yet to release peeks of the clips they’re sitting on, so this really is only a taste of what’s to come. With the exception of Brain Farm’s Fourth Phase trailer, which is a compilation of footage from past seasons, all of these film previews feature shredding from the first months of this ’15/’16 snow season.

Think Thank The Weather Outside Is Weather


Based out of the PNW it’s no wonder how these guys were able to stack so many pow shots. The Weather Outside Is Weather is a motto as much as it is the title of the film, encouraging riders to snowboard regardless of the conditions. Because, on any given day, incredibly fun snowboarding can be had.

The Snowboarder Movie Resolution


With an ensemble cast featuring the legends of the past, present, and future of snowboarding, Resolution looks to be headed towards legendary status itself. Perhaps the most complete mix of street bangers and pow slashes, it will be interesting to see how the final product holds up Snowboarder’s past films, which are some of the heaviest to date.

Bode Merrill and Jon Ray Reckless Abandon

It’s the Bode Merrill movie so there really isn’t anything left say. It may be one of those films that defines a generation of snowboarding much like Terje’s Subjekt Haakonsen did in the late nineties. Bode is undoubtedly the most well-rounded snowboarder on earth and he has a sense of humor about it all (if you couldn’t tell from the song choice).

Brain Farm The Fourth Phase


Included only to ensure that this is a comprehensive list of all the teasers released to date for next season’s crop of films. The Fourth Phase is really in a separate category when it comes to snowboard movies. There is no question that this will be the biggest film of the year if not the decade. Play this one on the big screen.


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