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The Inertia

The Slice ‘n’ Dice crew has been doing the turn on snow right for a while now. In fact, they pretty much have it on lock. Filmed by Sam McMahon and Ed Blomfield, this particular iteration was done in Samoëns, France with Dave Crozier and Lewis Sonvico laying down their metal rails for the camera. Sounds like the crew kept it simple for this particular edit.

“This year, we went back to basics. No long haul flights, no special terrain, just one run in a resort a short drive from our home. The 45-year-old Saix gondola in Samoëns, France is as bare bones as it gets, much like the gnarled Grand Cret trail that lies underneath, but with its banked turns that twist through the forest providing the backdrop, we thought there wasn’t a better canvas for us to lay out the next chapter on.”

Enjoy the turn.


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