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Editor’s Note: The feature is presented by our partners at Mammoth Mountain.

There’s no doubt that Spencer Whiting is enjoying one helluva ride. The Encinitas, California native started snowboarding as a kid. And messing with video was just part of the game for him. He’s always had a knack for finding good angles, and we love his work so much here at The Inertia, we’ve featured it for the past decade.

But something  changed over the last few years. Spencer found a niche that no one seemed to be filling in the snowboarding industry – the follow cam. Sure, the follow cam has been used plenty in the past on snow, but Spencer has taken it to a new level with his expertise using a GoPro. And riding Mammoth with his friends helped foster that growth. He’s now traveled the globe while creating some of the most unique and powerful snowboarding imagery – dare we say – ever? Like I mentioned, it’s been one helluva ride. This is how Spencer Whiting became the Gimbal God.

Find more of Spencer’s work here. 


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