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The Inertia

This heliskiing superyacht is available for anyone who can come up with $800,000 for a week of exploration.
Which isn’t likely for most of us, but we can dream.

Named for the infinitely more famous surf spot, the Cloudbreak is luxury at its most decadent. The boat, built in 2016 that sleeps 12 guests, was designed with the high-end in mind, including a fully-operational, commercial helipad, as well as full spa and kitchen staffs. In short, this isn’t like waiting around a seedy Girdwood dive bar for cheap heli rides when bookings are short. This is full-blown luxury: enjoy a fine breakfast of omelets and mimosas before skiing or riding 5,000 feet of vertical. Or, charter the heli to go explore new surf breaks (the heli charter is most likely separate). Having fun on this boat wouldn’t be difficult if you have the cash to make it happen.


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