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The Inertia

Jess Kimura has been described as afive-foot giant, carrying the world on her shoulders.” That would be the women’s snowboarding world and this week she released her second all-women’s snowboarding film, Uninvited II. With a plethora of talent joining Kimura, a British Columbia native, for filming, its release has been much anticipated and a whole bunch of work for Kimura. “I’m exhausted,” she wrote on Instagram. “And I have so much to say, but there will be plenty of time for all that. For now I just want to thank everyone who posted, commented, or supported the girls in any way. I think we are so used to being pushed aside, laughed at, or ignored that we really didn’t expect such a positive response.” The film is certainly worth your time, and the snowboarding world’s at large. Enjoy.


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