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So Jackson Hole Mountain Resort held a rather progressive contest this week at the famed Corbet’s Couloir. Brave athletes hucked themselves into the infamous chute yesterday off Rendezvous Peak during the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s contest. The hucks were huge and sticking landings was mostly optional. There wasn’t much in the way of a proper video recap released so we scoured social media and here are a few of the best sends we found.

The first is a laid out front flip from Jeff Leger, aka Dr. Huckinstuff.

Let er buck…🎼… @dr.huckinstuff

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Another view of the good Dr’s huck:

Here’s Sander Hadley with an off axis dub that was seriously ridiculous (we love the celebratory three at the bottom, too):

And lawdy, lawdy, here’s Tristan Brown’s double backflip to optional landing. Going huge!


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