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Alta Ski Resort, the pride of skiers in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, is notoriously off-limits to snowboarders. But the lifts have stopped running for the season at the decidedly old-school area. That means the backcountry there is wide open to anybody who wants a piece. And snowboarders Jimmy Buehler and Alex Gavic wanted a big ol’ piece of that pie as they knocked off a seriously sketchy traverse this week above Alta known as Ciochetti’s Ribbon.

The duo had to rope in on their snowboards and traverse a thin line of snow on a cliff band (the line was totally exposed) to get to a couloir (you can see the full line in Croshane Media’s post, below). Buehler and Gavic made their way over to the open area but the snowboarding sounded like the easy part. The traverse was madness:  “So hyped for this one!!” wrote Buehler, “Ciochetti’s Ribbon on the Devils Castle at Alta has been on my hit list forever!”


The crew suffered through the 2 a.m. wake-up call to get set up. “Variable snowpack left us guessing what the 40+ degree slope we traversed was going to feel like on our edges,” wrote Gavic. “@jimmy_couloir slayed it!💪 leading every pitch as I was feeling gripped out of my mind. I couldn’t shake that feeling. By the end I trusted my edge but one wrong move on this thing could be catastrophic.” Unfortunately, no footage yet of the actual riding. The boys definitely got one of the most difficult lines at Alta. But they earned it.


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