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The Inertia

When you clicked on this, did you think it was going to be one of those clips where someone cartwheels down a hill for 30 seconds straight? It’s not. This is far worse.

Heli-skiing is not the cheapest way to get a couple of runs in. It’s probably the best, but certainly not the cheapest. If you throw a few thousand dollars at a company, they’ll drop you off on the Earth’s grandest, rideable peaks, where you then get to ski the longest run of your life. Or in this case, the most expensive run of your life.

“Let’s do this,” the guy says about one second before hitting a patch of rock (or so he says). “Fuck me, really? GOD DAMN IT, NO!”


It is, however, an admirable thing to post a fail of proportions this epic onto the internet. For that, sir, we applaud you.


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