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The Inertia

This beautifully-shot docu-series from the mountain biking world is definitely worth your time and reminds us again just how giant the Russian frontier is. Outlaw Diaries, from Flamingo Films, follows freeride flag bearer Patrick “Bengel” Rasche. Rasche makes no bones about it: he was put on this Earth to charge big lines. Only these big lines are in absolutely jaw-dropping locales.

In this, the third iteration of OD, Rasche is in Russia’s far east, where he catches a heli ride to find a line on this volcano in the Siberian wilderness. “The unknown is what makes people curious,” opines Rasche in his native German. “And nowadays it gets harder and harder to be a pioneer in this world.” Still, Rasche seems to be finding ways.

You can see more of the Outlaw Diaries, here, as well as other works from Flamingo Films.


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