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The Inertia

One usually doesn’t associate road cycling with true grit but that’s exactly what pedaling miles through the mountains requires. And grit is what it takes to come back from a ridiculous crash like this one Philippe Gilbert took during a descent in stage 16 of the Tour de France.

Gilbert, from Belgium, lost control of his bike, then flipped over a retaining wall. He took a few minutes to get checked by race officials and medical staffs before getting back on his bike to finish the stage. A trip to the hospital later revealed he’d broken his patella and he had to withdraw from the race. Gilbert rode nearly 60 kilometers with the injury.

It was an eerie day on the racecourse. Adam Yates lost his lead with just seven kilometers to go when he wiped out as well. He was not injured. This section of the Tour has a scary reputation. It is the same descent where Italian rider Fabio Carsartelli was killed after a heinous crash during the 1995 Tour.




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