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The Inertia

Conrad Anker is one of the greatest climbers of his generation, with countless iconic ascents and projects attached to his name. But this film done in conjunction with Red Bull Media shows the reality of a life lived high in the alpine. In 2016, Anker and Austrian alpinist David Lama set out on their second attempt to climb Lunag Ri, an unclimbed, 22,660-foot peak on the border of Nepal and Tibet. The conditions seemed ideal. Four years earlier, at 50, Anker had climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen. He is an extraordinary example of humanity, staying fit, and humble (listen to this conversation for more proof).

But Lunag Ri proved too much for him. Lama, a talented climber in his own right, had to help get Anker off the mountain. He then faced one of the most daunting questions that so many mountaineers have faced before him: whether to push on and summit, regardless of the circumstances?


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