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By now, you may have seen this? If not, then you’re in luck. Cause this is how you send Corbet’s for the first time, Jackson Hole’s iconic couloir. Skiing it is a rite of passage of sorts at arguably the Lower 48’s greatest steep skiing Mecca.

But New Zealander Hank Bilous didn’t really ski it. He frickin’ straight aired it with a triumphant pelvic thrust/spread eagle combo that has reverberated throughout the snow-riding core. There’s a healthy does of symbolic “suck it,” thrown in there somewhere too, it seems.

Here’s what we know about Hank: He’s from Wanaka, just over the hill from Queenstown on the South Island, he’s a freeride coach at Cadrona, a lot of folks call him “Uncle Hank,” and his name gets spelled a lot of different ways.


There are essentially two important things to take away from these clips: Kiwis are badass humans and Hank is a personification of his country’s fun-loving radicals. Enjoy the multiple angles.

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