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Check out the angle on this snowboarder’s GoPro. It looks as though it’s mounted to his backpack but it gives a fantastic view point of what it’s like to charge technical couloirs. The clip appeared on a weird viral YouTube page, Viral Hog, and we tried to track down the snowboarder, but to no avail (anybody know him?). The title from the YouTube page was “Man Uses Rockface to Avoid Avalanche (sic).”

That’s actually called sluff (which can also be super dangerous), and the rider does a commendable job using the rock face to avoid being pulled down the chute with it. It wasn’t an avalanche, per say, as the title suggests. Still, sluff can carry you off a cliff face if it’s strong enough. “I was snowboarding down this couloir in the Utah backcountry,” he said on the page. “I had suspicions that the slope might give way, so I approached it on high alert. I saw the slope fracture 200 feet in front of me and was able to grab ahold of the rocks to keep myself in place. After it all settled out, I continued down to the bottom.”


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