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Seriously, what’s a rider of snow to do these days? The world of magazines have crumbled, feature films are on life support and web content lasts for all of five minutes. That’s why Billy Bjork, you may recall from this fantastic high five, has decided to address the issue head-on in his flick, “Content.” And it’s pretty spot on. Some good riding, mixed with random brushing of teeth and emojis makes for a solid flick that shows some in-depth self-awareness. This from Billy:

It’s 2019, and YoBeat’s dead. So is Transworld. With magazines and movies on the way out, the internet feels like a cruel stepfather — commanding new rules over the household. Under the tyranny of YouTube and Instagram, our passion is reduced to likes, views, and followers. Sure, the old lures of sponsors and gold medals weren’t perfect either, but at least with those, it was (mostly) snowboarders in control. The platforms don’t give a shit whether you’re dropping impeccable pillow lines or giving makeup tutorials. If all we are is “content,” at least we’re con·tent while doing it.

As the internet marches forward, snowboarding romanticizes about a simpler time of VHS and DVDs. This was my attempt to inject some rhythm into the algorithm — from the Colorado wilderness to Salt Lake City, to my home-sweet-anthill known as Hyland Hills. If you’ve read this far, congrats. It’s time to fire up a screen that doesn’t fit in your pocket, turn up the volume, and see if it’s still possible to focus on something for eight minutes.


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