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The Inertia

Patagonia does serious films. Because it’s a serious company, dealing with serious issues (seriously, I loved Jumbo Wild). But when the Gucci of the outdoors isn’t hyper focused on saving the world, they actually have the resources to make us laugh (while pushing product). And that has a place, too, right?

It can’t be the production value on these product intros that the Internet is loving, because the dude is basically standing in front of a white screen. So it has to be the quasi-ironic tone of Patagonia Climbing ambassador Steve House that’s just funny enough to make these pieces sing (his explanation of a climbing pack has nearly 100,000 views).

Oh yeah, and lest we forget, the product is great (if you’re okay with sleeping alone?). The Hybrid Sleeping Bag is part bag, part bivouac. And if you’ve ever carried either on self-support trips, you know how bulky they can be. Especially the bag. That’s why this piece of equipment is solid: use it for climbing–like he suggests–or stuff it in the back of a kayak, in the pack for a backcountry hut trip, or in the back of the Suby to sleep in the parking lot ahead of a dawn patrol. It takes up zero space.

Yeah, it may not be the best product for everybody–unless you enjoy eating little, traveling far and scoring hard–but these short video spots are at least a departure for the iconic clothing brand. They aren’t forcing the removal of dams, but the Internet is a little cooler with them in it.


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