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This is a true story. A very good, true story. Two teenagers who went out of bounds at Whitewater Ski Resort near Nelson, British Columbia this week were lost overnight in a storm.

Officials say that the two disappeared out of the resort Sunday night but the search for the 16-year-olds was suspended due to weather. So they had to stay the night out in the cold, where the two savvy youths built a fire to stay warm.

“One young person had homework in his backpack and that definitely helped keep the fire going,” said Jim Kyle, manager of Nelson Search and Rescue. “They did all the right things.”

Including burning that book report that was due on Monday. But have you ever heard of a better excuse for late homework? On Monday, search and rescue teams were able to find the boys and a helicopter retrieved them that day, a little cold and hungry, but no worse for wear. But their school work was definitely late.



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