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Since it’s the middle of summer, maybe it’s time to reminisce about the powder days we missed? Or look forward to the one’s ahead? They’re closer now. Either way, one of the easiest ways to get psyched is to check what’s happening now in the Southern Hemisphere. And Valle Nevado Ski Resort, northeast of Santiago, Chile near the Argentine border, is having an epic powder run.

“This is how Valle woke up after the storm that left us almost one meter of snow in less than 36 hours,” reads one of the resort’s recent Instagram captions. “We are waiting for a new front that will arrive this Wednesday and add (more) snow to be able to continue enjoying the mountain.” For those scoring at home, that’s more than three feet in less than two days.

Valle Nevado posted a quick recap here and it looks, well, good. Dry, light, and how’s the weather. We included a couple of select clips from those in the know, above and below. Winter in Chile doesn’t sound so bad right about now, just for a quick refresher. And a few pow slashes.


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