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How good does this look? Well, according to Mitch McDermott, it was a pretty bony approach to the top of Alta Ski Resort outside Salt Lake City and the famous Main Chute a couple a mornings ago. But it was all worth it when he dropped into the meat of the line where he could be aggressive and ride blower pow into the resort (pre-opening, of course, because snowboarders aren’t allowed at the area when it’s open). “Oh, my god, I’m choking,” he says in the video.

“Word of caution,” he then wrote. “The skin up, bottom 200’, and apron all were very boney and shallow. Like booting down shallow, especially after we scraped it out. We poked into it cautiously, and this video was the only part of the chute you could ride aggressively with confidence.. I wouldn’t go up there if I were you.”

After peeping the vid, we’re assuming that last part might be sarcastic because Mitch and his friends scored some ridiculous early season powder. Albeit after a bit of effort. Check his Instagram account for more.



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