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The Inertia

Despite Colorado’s meager winter, Jon Adgate and his pals killed it. Adgate released this film from last season a couple of weeks ago and despite being shot mostly on GoPros, it really shows the connection gained when propelling oneself up steep mountains to ride quality snow. This is a grassroots flick, aptly named Slaying and Spraying, but we definitely approve. “Deep in the high country of Colorado, I enjoyed another season searching for some tube time,” wrote Adgate. “While the snow was sub-par last season, we still managed to score some epic rides. There were too many days to recall when we had to head home or switch objectives due to avalanche danger or sheets of ice. This only made the good days that much sweeter. In the end, the journey is the reward but a couloir stacked with stable pow is a sweet bonus.” Hell. Yeah.


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