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This is insanity. Eric Barone just broke his own world speed record on a mountain bike, one that he first set in 2015. He and his team used a speed track in Vars, France to reach 142 mph on a bike. That’s fast. And it seems that Barone is just barely keeping his steed under control, as you can see how nervous he is before the start. And then he almost loses it on a speed wobble later, as you can see. His team mentioned the squirrely nature of the feat in a release on Youtube, saying he managed to set the record, “despite high instabilities on the fastest part of the run, which forced Eric to go beyond his limits.” He reached nearly 139 mph in 2015.

You may be wondering why snow? So were we. Apparently, it’s much faster. And there are actually two world records. Barone owns the mark for snow and Austrian cyclist Markus Stöckl has claim to the record on dirt, reaching 104 mph this past December in Chile.

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