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Yesterday, snowboarder Hussain Balti, who runs K2 Treks & Tours in Pakistan, posted this terrifying video to Instagram. His visit to Verbier in Switzerland must have been an eye-opener. Have a look at the slab of snow that cracks off and careens down the mountain at breakneck speed just below Balti and his partners. “Even when you are with the best locals, the mountain can always surprise you,” he wrote in English before continuing in French. “We knew there was a wind plate and we wanted to make her leave but the size of the avalanche really surprised me – fortunately I have good reflexes, a good board and an ice ax to stop me.”

Balti mentions Verbier in his hashtag list. The Alps saw winter-like conditions during the first part of May. “The Airbag was not necessary but safety counts above all in the mountains,” Balti added. “The lesson is that avalanches are often bigger than we imagine and that safety counts before pleasure and performance.” According to reports, 19 people died in avalanche-related accidents this year in the Swiss Alps.



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