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Ski patrolmen (and women) have tough jobs. They have to ski all the time, they have to ride powder before anyone else does and take the chair way ahead of the first customers, and they throw explosives at open slopes. Sounds pretty terrible, eh? All kidding aside, we love our ski patrolmen (and women). They keep the mountains we ride open and safe. But this guy definitely takes it overboard a bit on this young snowboarder. “That was totally out of control.”

Now, we don’t have the context for this vid that appeared on the ever-classic Jerry of the Day. Maybe he was totally out of control? Maybe he was jumping “right over the top of someone?” But doesn’t it seem like we could all get a lot more done if we were more in control of our emotions and less grumpy (see curmudgeonly)? The other patrolman just wants to give him a warning instead of pulling his pass. How about something like, “hey man, know you’re just going hard but we gotta watch out for other guests. We’re required to pull people’s passes for reckless riding. Next time we’ll have to pull yours. Thanks and keep it safe.”

You tell us.


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