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There is no doubt: Travis Pastrana is a king. Especially when it comes to machines. This week, footage leaked of Pastrana pulling a stylized, freestyle moto trick that he says took a decade to figure out: “The ‘Double Back Flip 360,'” he posted on Facebook. “Snowboarders call it a ‘Double-Quark-1080.’ In the bmx world it’s called an ‘Ausi-Roll’. On a trampoline it’s a ‘Half-in-half-out.’ Call it what you will, I call it 10 years of practice coming together in one lucky, big ass, 65-foot off-the-ground jump. This is only a taste of the crashes and excitement that went into making this world’s first happen.”

Just call it ridiculous. It wasn’t just the rotations. It was the way he floated it out and made it look somewhat effortless. Athletically, Pastrana has found huge success in events across the dirt spectrum including motocross, supercross, freestyle motocross and even rally racing. But lately, he’s helped start the careers of other action sports athletes with his Nitro Circus.

Here’s the Double Backflip 360 or Double-Quark 1080 (or whatever you’d like to refer to it as) in slow motion:


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