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The Inertia

The phrase “Pray for snow” reveals a harsh reality of our unfortunate existence. Those deep powder days are wildly outnumbered by the icy and miserable ones. Yes, most of us will take any day on the mountain over a day off it. But the ones where we get to play and turn through the deep stuff is what we’re really after. It’s special if for no other reason than because we have to wait for it. And so we pray.

But what happens when your prayers are answered? Not only that, what would happen if your prayers were answered and somebody just forgot to turn everything off — the soft fluffy stuff just kept falling…and falling…and falling?

“Been gone for a little over a month now,” says Curtis Ciszek. “I’m sure the lady hates me. But we are finding good snow so you gotta keep going.”


Amen. Because in the words of the great Crash Davis, “Never **** with a winning streak.” Sure, the guy was talking about baseball but he had a point nonetheless. If powder just never stopped coming, well, why wouldn’t you run with it? So here’s a refreshing sight: 25 minutes of actual nonstop powder. Because even in the world of season-long edits, you’ll usually find some clips of a couple unsavory early season days spent in the park, when everybody’s desperate enough to ride man-made stuff on the first lift that opens each year. But not here. It’s a genuine 25 minutes of the very thing we always pray for.


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