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Lance Armstrong, who’s been in competition exile following a verdict levied by the United States Anti-Doping Agency in 2012, had that ban partially lifted last week.

“He can compete in a sanctioned event at a national or regional level in a sport other than cycling that does not qualify him… to compete in a national championship or international event,” USADA spokesman Ryan Madden told USA Today.


Armstrong was suspended in August, 2012 from all events as USADA used a heavilty-sourced case against the former Tour de France champ to justify the ban. He was also barred from events that lined up with the World Anti-Doping Agency. He considered running the Chicago Marathon in the fall of 2012 and a U.S. Masters swimming event in Austin and was denied on both accounts as they were both sanctioned. He was competing in national triathlons prior to the 2012 decision. Armstrong admitted in 2013 to blood doping and the use of other banned substances.

With part of his suspension behind him, Armstrong, through his new fitness group WEDU, has helped organize the Aspen 50, a new mountain bike event September 18 that features “some of the Roaring Fork Valley’s best trails.” It’s not a competitive event this year. “While this inaugural ride is not actually a race, you can expect some truly fast riders to be leading the way as soon as the pedaling starts,” said Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association Executive Director Mike Pritchard.

The event will benefit that group and the trail building efforts in the region. There is no entry fee but riders will be required to purchase an annual membership in the association. WEDU apparently secured the permits for the event.

Armstrong–still a good athlete at 45–has been staying in shape while hosting a weekly podcast called The Forward, which has come off with decent reviews.


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