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If you haven’t heard his name, Dane Jackson is easily one of the best kayakers this world has ever seen. He’s a multi-time world champ in freestyle (so’s his dad) and he’s changing the way we look at waterfalls and how kayakers run them. He’s turning them into freestyle formats. Here, he pulls an aerial barrel roll (corkscrew) off a waterfall in the high Sierras of California.

Dane skims down the granite, hits the lip of the waterfall, then pulls the aerial barrel roll (or back deck roll), making it look easy. Dane has made a mission out of waterfall freestyle kayaking this year, as seen below on Oregon’s  Sahalie Falls, pulling what’s known in kayaking parlance as a back freewheel. The video is from Rush Sturges, who also put this ditty together of Dane on the Little White near Hood River (here).

Dane Jackson is quickly becoming one of the most iconic whitewater kayakers to ever live. Best remember his name.


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A post shared by Dane Jackson (@danejacksonkayak)


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