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Matthias “Super Frenchie” Giraud has pulled off some hefty ski-BASE jumps. That is, skiing off massive cliffs and then BASE jumping to the valley floor. He was the first to jump off Mont Blanc near Chamonix in 2019. And he recently became the first person to pull the feat off of the Aiguille du Gouter, also in the Mont Blanc Massif. And it’s a doozy, as you can see.

“Super Frenchie” is a unique personality. He’s been eyeing this particular drop for a decade and pulling it off was no small project. And the skiing was the easy part, it sounds like. “Once flying away between Aiguille du Goûter and Aiguille de Bionnassay towards Bionnassay Glacier,” he wrote, “I had to negotiate a strong anabatic wind (upslope wind) – a bumpy ride all the way to the landing below the Refuge du Goûter on the north flank of the glacier.”

In 2021, Giraud had a film released about his crazy life that includes of course skiing, BASE jumping, and even a little big-wave surfing. The man survived a BASE jumping accident that almost killed him. You can see the trailer to the film, below, or watch it streaming online, here.


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