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In late August, a mountain lion attacked a Bailey, Colorado boy outside his home in what sounds like an extremely terrifying sequence of events. “The two boys were playing outside on a trampoline when the eight-year-old boy heard one of his friends calling from a neighboring house and ran to go visit the friend. While he was running, the mountain lion attacked and bit the boy on the head,” officials with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife wrote in a news release.

Pike Carlson courageously fought off the mountain lion with everything he had, finally trying to poke it in the eye. According to his father, the animal had the boy’s entire head in its mouth. Young Carlson came away with severe lacerations to his skull and his left eyelid is still not working up to speed. But he, fortunately, didn’t lose his vision. The family describes the terrifying scene in detail, above.

The community set a GoFundMe page up to help out the family as it recovers from the incident. According to local media, since 1990, 22 mountain lion attacks on humans in Colorado have been reported, with three of those resulting in fatalities (1991, 1997 and 1999). The mountain lion that attacked Pike Carlson was reportedly euthanized. Bailey is southwest of Denver.


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