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Genevieve Schatz, with fiery orange hair and fiery orange pants, accompanied by bandmates Marc Walloch and Chris Faller, recently dropped by our Venice HQ and treated the staff to a super soulful performance as part of the latest installment of The Inertia Sessions. Their band, Company of Thieves, which formed in Chicago more than a decade ago, recently reunited and is in the midst of a tour with Walk the Moon.

“We don’t have a scene, we’re not trying to be anyone or anything, we weren’t those kids who were in cliques at school,” singer Genevieve Schatz writes on the band’s Facebook page. “We were everyone’s friends. We were curious and lonely and desperately trying to see the world beyond the manicured lawns and paved parking lots of Wal-Marts in the suburbs of Chicago.”

I can attest that they are very friendly people. And as current Los Angeles residents, Chicago’s suburbs are firmly in the rearview.


As newly independent artists with a new EP on the horizon they just released a new song called, “Treasure,” which they performed live at the office. It’s available for free download on their website. They’re playing in Los Angeles this week, so if you’re local and don’t have plans, go to their website right now and buy tickets for their show at the Palladium on Friday, February 9th. It will be fun, and your friends will think that you’re interesting for suggesting that that you see them.

Check out their full tour dates here, and sit back and enjoy this live performance. Makes me want to get some orange pants! And makes me really excited to continue The Inertia Sessions, where super talented artists passing through Los Angeles drop by the HQ to record a stripped-down set. In case you missed G. Love, check his out here. We did that one in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is good.

Gigantic thanks to Company of Thieves for sharing their talents with us. Learn more about them here.



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