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A massive humpback whale carcass is drifting around just off Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. The whale, which measures at 40-feet in length, is rapidly decomposing, and according to K5 News, is attracting sharks, which should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Sharks are often seen feeding whale carcasses. The whale was first spotted by lifegaurds in Haleiwa, near the spot known as Avalanche. Afterwards, local fishermen dragged it about five miles out to sea. They’re hoping the 55,000 pound carcass doesn’t drift back towards the shore. Chase Reid captured footage used in the news report above.

“It was heading toward Alii Beach, which is a high impact beach, a lot of recreational swimming, a lot of recreational boating,” said NOAA’s Marine Mammal Response Program Coordinator NOAA David Schofield to K5 News. “There were reports of different times of sharks on the whale carcass. So the fact that the community was able to step and remove this public out of harm’s way and further out to sea, is a real bonus.”


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