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A few days ago, a juvenile great white shark washed up on a beach in Sydney. It wasn’t feeling so hot, as evidenced by the fact that it was lying on the sand thrashing around like a beached shark. One might think that a great white shark washing up on a beach in Australia would be an immediate death sentence, given the current climate around sharks in Australia right now. But it wasn’t a death sentence! Instead, the shark was treated to a spa day in a public seawater pool.


The shark washed up on Manly beach in Sydney. When beachgoers noticed that it looked injured, they called marine rescue, who loaded it into a station wagon and took it to a nearby public swimming pool called Fairy Bower. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary told Fairfax Media that the shark was there for observation and would probably stay there until Tuesday, depending on its condition. And yes, the pool was closed to would-be (human) swimmers… except one, apparently.

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