Ed Norton rips! Photo: Flickr

Legend has it you can see Ed Norton throwing shakas at Anthony Kiedis some days down at Malibu. Photo: Flickr

The Inertia

Forget Kelly’s wave pool sweepstakes. For those who get down on TMZ and dream of an opportunity to yuck it up with Hollywood’s biggest stars, an opportunity may have just opened up.

The Hamptons is synonymous with exclusivity, the rich and famous, and privilege. Hell, the Hamptons neighborhood of Sagaponack (that encompasses the area between Bridgehampton and East Hampton) is quite literally the most expensive zip code in the country, according to Business Insider.

Every year, the Hamptons plays host to the Hamptons International Film Festival, an opportunity for some of Hollywood’s heavy hitters to rub shoulders with festival attendees, or those privileged enough to call the area home. Or second home. Or third.

Anyway, this year Edward Norton is being honored. He also executive produced a film called Bunker 77 about surf legend Bunker Spreckels that will premier at the festival. The film was directed by surfer Takuji Masuda, and stars Laird Hamilton, C.R. Stecyk, Tony Alva, Johnny Knoxville, and Art Brewer.

Perhaps to pay homage to the film, but more importantly to raise money for the Surfrider Foundation’s Eastern Long Island chapter and HIFF Jr. Educational Initiatives, Norton decided to orchestrate a sweepstakes where up to eight winners will have the opportunity to surf with him, Takuji Masuda, Art Brewer, and C.R. Stecyk. Winners will also get tickets to the film festival and all expenses paid (including hotel and airfare). Three of those eight that win the grand prize will also get a seat at the table of Norton’s honorary dinner, joining him and Alec Baldwin.

The whole thing works similarly to Kelly’s Omaze sweepstakes. That is, each entry costs $10, and there’s no limit to how many entries you can purchase: $50 dollars gets you 5 entries, $100 gets you 10 and so on. If you donate $100 or $500, you will win a signed poster and/or a signed book no matter what. But instead of Omaze, the whole thing is happening on CrowdRise, a similar venture co-founded by Norton.

The only caveat is this: if you win, you can’t talk about fight club.

For more info on the sweepstakes, check it out here.


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