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To a lot of surfers, the term “action sports” smacks of corporate opportunism — except perhaps if it’s coming from someone who understands surf, skate, and snow as well as Chris Cote. That’s why the 40-year-old former pro surfer and former TransWorld Surf editor put it in the title of his new podcast: Monday M.A.S.S. (The A.S.S. stands for action sports show; the “M” is repetitive, but maybe “Monday A.S.S.” didn’t have quite the right ring?).

“Saying that term ‘action sports’ is still a little painful, but my goal is to make it cool again,” Cote says. The Encinitas resident launched the podcast earlier this year, and has put out a handful of shows in which he recaps news of the week and riffs on the cultural goings-on.

Yes, there are already too many other surf podcasts and websites to name. But to someone who’s watched the attrition of publications in this sphere, where TransWorld Surf, which shuttered in 2013, was only one of many, something was missing. “I felt there was a little void at least in the podcast genre where in a core-yet-approachable way addresses all three sports and the entertainment side of things surrounding them.”

As he approaches the tenth episode, Cote is adding guests — names like Alana Blanchard, skater Pedro Barras, and Chris Grow from The Wire — to his fast-paced 25-minute format.


Catch the latest episode here:

A quick show helps when you’re also the editor of Encinitas Magazine, a regular on the Vans Park Series commentary team, occasional WSL commentator, media consultant, contributor to At Large magazine and Yew! Online, and a father of two young boys who surfs and skates as often as a grom.

The dude still rips.

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