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A Colorado family was left reeling just days after Christmas following the tragic death of a Loveland Ski Area lift mechanic.

Adam Lee, 40, was working to repair one of the three “magic carpet” lifts at Loveland on Thursday when something went wrong, according to reports.

“He was under the magic carpet conveyor belt,” Erika Lee, Adam’s wife, relayed to CBS4 after being told what happened by some of Lee’s co-workers. “And that’s supposed to have a lock-out system. But somebody came up and started it. And he was dragged under.”


Erika Lee explained to CBS4 that her husband was a hard-working, dedicated employee. “He went in early, he stayed late. He went in on days off. He loved that place. That was his life,” she said.

In the wake of the tragedy, Loveland employees are speaking out about operational safety at the resort.

“They hire people at low dollar. And they don’t pay them enough. And they don’t train them enough to protect their lives,” Tyler Harbert, a Loveland Ski Area employee, told CBS4.

John Sellers, a spokesman for Loveland, explained the tragedy was a major blow to the community but could not provide additional details about how it occurred.

The incident is currently under investigation.

Loved ones have set up a crowdfunding page to support Lee’s family.

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