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The Big Sur coastline is one of the most rugged in California,
if not the entire West Coast. There are miles of hidden beaches, unreachable by humans, or at least barely reachable. That’s why a woman was stranded on a section of the coast for a week just south of Big Sur was only found after a young couple happened upon her while hiking to go fishing on Friday night.

Angela Hernandez, coast, rugged, Big Sur

Angela Hernandez spent a week stranded on the rugged coastline.

Portland’s Angela Hernandez, 23, reportedly wrecked her jeep, sending the vehicle over a cliff and into the water. She managed to survive the crash and had been stranded on the small section of coast since July 6, when she was last seen near Half Moon Bay. She was apparently traveling to Southern California to visit relatives. News services reported she swerved to miss hitting a rabbit when she went over the cliff. She was knocked unconscious and then woke with her jeep filling with water. Survival reports say she ripped the radiator hose from the car to siphon water from a nearby stream.

Chad and Chelsea Moore found Hernandez in a state of emergency. They first came upon the car’s bumper before finding the vehicle and were extremely nervous about what they’d see next. When they found the woman they went in to rescue more, calling 911 and bringing food to Hernandez. “Total legend. She’s here for a reason and we were there for a reason and we’re so glad she’s OK,” said Chelsea.


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