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Here, security cameras capture the action. Photo: LA Times

Here, security cameras capture the action. Photo: Public Surveillance Cameras/LA Times

The Inertia

Yesterday, another senseless tragedy affected another iconic Southern California beach town. A man in a dark car sped onto the boardwalk in Venice Beach and plowed into twelve people – killing one, and seriously injuring eleven others. The cement was splattered with the blood of tourists and locals taking in the local attractions.

As surfers, we consider the beach to be one of earth’s greatest havens. It’s where we go to find solace, to practice and enjoy what we love and, after the riots in Huntington Beach, the fact that there have been two such tragedies in two consecutive weekends is appalling. The most recent catastrophe happened just two blocks from The Inertia Headquarters. As part of the Venice community, we walk down there for a swim before/after work, we skate and bike down the boardwalk, run on that strip of cement, eat at those restaurants and are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our condolences go out to those affected.

Read full stories on the Los Angeles Times here and here.


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