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Frank Quirarte photographing Mavericks from the left. Photo by Seth Deroulet

The Inertia

Frank Quirarte is a compelling figure in the big wave world. A uniquely talented photographer, he was also part of the water patrol crew when a contest was held at Maverick’s for the first time in 1999. He’s one of the men who helped save Greg Long when he nearly drowned at Cortes Bank. He takes photos. He keeps surfers safe. Quirarte has become a part of big wave surfing’s history over the past two decades both for documenting its evolution and being one of the brave few who looks after the men actually riding giant waves.

To capture that, the Coastal Arts League Gallery in Half Moon Bay will be displaying Mavericks: Heavy Metal, a unique exhibition of Quirarte’s work from January 15th to February 11th. 30 of his images taken over the past 20 years have been reprinted onto specially coated aluminum using dyes. Samples of the aluminum recreations weren’t shared by Quirarte or MetalPrintsTM in a press release announcing the exhibit, but it’s not a stretch to say if any wave is worthy of a Heavy Metal themed art exhibit, it’d be Maverick’s.

Jamie Mitchell at Mavericks. Photo by Frank Quirarte