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The Inertia

This is about more than restoring the greatest salmon river in America and reinvigorating orca populations. This is about restoring one of the greatest ecosystems in the world.

And there is no better way to express the collective effort to do so than a show of strength, which is exactly what the recent paddle out at the Lower Snake River was: a show of strength in the way of 300 strong. The specific message? To #FreeTheSnake of four “deadbeat dams” in Southeastern Washington.

Screenshot: Patagonia

Screenshot: Patagonia

The bottom line: when you do the “dam math,” the dams don’t make sense.

Thus far, 130,000 people (who have signed petitions asking government leaders to Free the Snake) understand that. Let’s make it however many more!

Screenshot: Patagonia

Screenshot: Patagonia


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