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A catamaran carrying more than 100 people capsized and sank off the coast of Costa Rica, claiming the lives of three elderly passengers. The horrifying video, filmed on a GoPro by 21-year-old Alexis Esneault, shows the boat tipping over as water quickly consumes the upper deck.

“At first I had no idea it was so serious. As long as we could have our Margaritas, I was fine,” Esenault old The Sun. “But then very quickly it became clear that there was a serious problem. People were sliding down the boat and screaming. It happened very quickly.”

Panicking passengers in lifejackets were quickly consumed by the surging water, trapping several of them under the canopy of the catamaran. The three elderly people who died in the incident are identified as Briton Ivor Stanley Hopkins, 80, American Edna Oliver, 68, and Canadian Sharon Johnson, 70.

The incident occurred in January of last year, but the footage has not been released until now.


Prior to departure, the National Meteorological Institute had issued a warning about strong winds in the region, but authorities said the boat was properly permitted and authorized by the port captain to set sail.

Our thoughts go out to the friends and families of the deceased.




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