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Man oh man, Hurricane Michael is a big storm. There’s now way around that as evidenced by the damage. The shot above is from Mexico Beach in Bay County, Florida, where the water has risen and devestated homes in the area. The dangerous Category 4 Storm saw maximum windspeeds of 150 mph as it smashed into the Florida Panhandle today.

“This is the worst storm that our Florida Panhandle has seen in a century,” said Governor Rick Scott. Mandatory or volunteer evacuations orders have been given in 22 Florida counties. The storm strengthened over the Gulf of Mexico all week as it hit Central America and Cuba before turning towards the U.S. mainland.


The live Weather Channel video, below, as well as the shot from the local Fox News outlet, above, shows some of those sustained winds. The Inertia is thinking of those affected by this powerful storm.



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