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Japanese sprint kayaker Yasuhiro Suzuki really wanted to make the Olympic team for the 2020 games in Tokoyo. So much so that he spiked the drink of his fellow countryman who he thought could unseat him.


Seiji Komatsu’s test came up positive for anabolic steroids after the 2017 Canoe Sprint Japan Championships last fall, after which he was banned from competition. But the  Japan Canoe Federation and the Japanese Anti-Doping Federation continued to look into the matter because of inconsistencies. Suzuki was apparently a ruthless competitor who had been accused of cheating before, like stealing other athlete’s gear in order to gain a leg up.

When confronted about the allegation, Suzuki admitted to spiking Komatsu’s drink after he’d “felt guilty.” “I wanted to be in the kayak four in the Tokyo Olympic Games, but I was ranked fifth with a younger kayaker higher than me. If this continued, I knew I would fail to qualify for the Olympics so I put in (the banned drug),” Yasuhiro Suzuki, 32, told a Japanese news outlet.

Suzuki, 32, has been banned from international competition for the next eight years.